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StormGrove Press Authors

A little ballJulie Axis Artist, Poet, Songwriter, and member of Jute, and a founding member of My Scarlet Life. Currently completing a graphic novel.

A little ballChristopher Fitts--latest project is about the absurdity of reality, About Being Normal.

Bad Ass Dogs Don't Do Ballet (.PDF file)(Maxfield Parrish cover; MP is my great grandfather, but the cover is a tribute to my mother.)

Acid Fingers (Amazon Kindle Purchase)(the cover is a picture of my dog: she had a cold nose, warm eyes, and pointed ears.)

audio poem -- Landing Spell (How Can You Tell)
Bad Ass Dogs Don't Do Ballet Cover Danielle Available via Amazon Kindle -- Acid Fingers, Book of Poetry, Fitts

A little ball Lauren Armstrong is about sexuality, spirituality, feminism, and understanding the Self.  
A little ballSpencer Knierim Spence is busy writing and scripting a screenplay. More poetry at SPONDEE.  
A little ballJay J. Jr. Poet with no bounds.  
A little ballZ. Mzuriwesi Poet, pure and fast erotica.  
A little ballEdna Parrish Keen observant. Two simple robust poems.  
A little ballSherry Riley Forthright sexual allure--changing the reading of effaced poetry.  

some poetry
Out of Sight...Man! - from Bad Ass Dogs Don't Do Ballet Nettle Lips -- from Danielle's Ink  

My hands are a fading green-blue from
fertilizing my watermelon seeds which are in the
front yard next to the rotting watermelon.
What will the airline attendants think when I
ask them, “When will the plane be here?”

I’m here for your lip licking
Rough and sweet all the same
Slide it through my inner fear
And capture some lip above
Swirl it something along my nipple
Skin my flesh with some nettle
plant that over some love
Finger licking love
Tongue flicking all day, all across my tummy void
Slip it between your teeth
Tremble with the pressure of an artery
Ripe with nettle spurs
Irritating and stimulating the blood gush
Below the skin around the flesh
Under finger nails and around the halo.

Questions and Tales -- from Danielle's Ink It’s Only the Beginning -- from Acid Fingers  

Looking through the cracks of the broken glass, I see the old man across the way sitting at his desk writing his life for some lucky soul to find too late.

Big curved bright glass.
I sit in front.
Thousands of stills (static images) flash
I see none but All
How fast can my life pass before my eyes
What if I were blind, would my ears buzz?
I sit in front—I don’t care.
Please, I beg of my other senses to forgive their neglect
Sit closer and you can feel the damage
Sit in front—I don’t have the time to think
I sit, I stand, I stare, I want to be captivated
Oh the color is grand
And the sound is surrounding
It all reminds me of a National Geographic Special I saw—
The forest alive and totally engulfing with life and depth
Luscious trees and playful birds and bees
It was all right there on TV.

The Mirrors Are Too Close, Step Back -- from Acid Fingers Just Before Another Dream -- from Acid Fingers  

My body is not correct,
and I hear others voice their own concerns.
But my body is not right,
and I cannot see their perceived errors.
Yet I live with my body,
and wonder how they can live with mine.
I like their bodies,
and see no problems;
The problem is mine
and my failure to understand
what it is I know.


When the sun hauls itself out
with the room becoming light
The sheets and blankets fly forward
releasing the last remnants of comfort
except for our pampered feet
so smartly wedged between all the bedding
at the end of the sheets.
It is a solemn period
just before all involved
grab and yank back their excuse
To nestle with their perfect life
for a few more fleeting moments.



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