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Edna Parrish

Edna Parrish passed away this past December 1997 in Sebring, Florida.

Edna wrote poetry for over 70 years and has been published in many anthologies. Ms. Parrish first performed her work in public in Miami, Florida during the 1940s, and from then on was an active member of the Florida Poetry Society and other state and local poetry groups. She raised a family of six childern and was active in their children's upbringing, and a few more great grand children, but in all this, she found time to visit India and apprentice with nationally known poets she respected.

There was a young gator named Sam,
Who visited the pond where we swam,
Each day with a swish,
He devoured the fish.
Then back to the swamp
he would scram.

The Allegator
Edna K. Parrish
25 July 1973
Written on a postcard, with a silhouette of a man smoking a pipe
holding a rifle relaxed under his arm watching the sunset, to Christopher Fitts.

Girl of October,
Bright, your little lantern burns—
To light your pathway.

Haiku for Sandy
Edna K. Parrish
24 October 1966

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