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StormGrove Press (SGP) will consider any work that the author feels is relevant. Submissions do not have to be erotic, but they do need to elicit feeling, strength, compassion, and extol PASSION. Multiple submissions portraying diversity of style, interests, observations, are encouraged.

SGP currently does not pay for poetry nor does SGP pay a royalty. What SGP offers to authors is a place to have their poetry and fiction published on the Internet. This does not preclude the possibility of publishing individual work, or inclusion of work in anthologies, in print and other mediums. SGP will always seek permission before publishing your work in a medium other than the SGP Web Site, unless permission has already been granted.

Submissions sent to StormGrove Press will be sent with the understanding that they may or may not be published on the SGP Web Site. Authors and copyright owners are free to submit an unlimited number of submissions. SGP cannot guarantee responses to all submissions and queries.

The copyright owner, usually the author, may at any time request to have their material removed from StormGrove Press' web site.

Register with the US Copyright Office Remember: SGP does not own your copyright! You own your copyright! Storm Grove Press (SGP) encourages all authors to register their work with the United States Copyright Office, a division of the Library of Congress.

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