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Z. Mzuriwesi


Z. Mzuriwesi

What can I do to you?
Touch me in the sensual darkness and you will know.
The candles flicker around us and turn our bodies into shadows-- dancing
their seductive dance.
I feel around for your body and my fingers discover your sweaty flesh.
I move my hands up and down the front of your hips and become immediately
aware of how much you want me.
Do I want you?
Do my protruding nipples and my heavy breathing give you a hint?
I gaze into your hungry, yearning eyes and you give me a look that defines
all aspects of eroticism.
Then the fun begins.
You let my mouth wander where it wants to wander; kiss where it wants to kiss.
I can tell you're enjoying it by the way you writhe and moan my name.
Letting my tongue manipulate your manhood seems to drive you more and more
to the brink of insanity with every stimulating lick.
Where did you learn how to do THAT? you ask me excitedly.
The same place I learned how to do this, I say as I spread my thighs and we
assume the missionary position-- pushing and thrusting with a force that
would hit you like a semi.
Every muscle in our heated bodies is tense with ecstatic anticipation.
After hours of orgasmic intensity, I am not remotely finished with you--
for the night is still young.
The incredibly arousing sensations you've experienced still linger within
your body.
And a tired smile appears on your lips as I climb on top of you for another
go-round-- making sweet love to you until the last star fades from the
morning sky.
That's what I can do.

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