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Jay J. Jr.

Rise ov tha Fallen Star

Jay J. Jr.

underwater soundless verve reaction a fraction ov nerve ending site lite rock smooth jazz walk down a simple street corner bar a star in the sunless nightime barrage ov midnight kisses and a wink dismisses remisses to see the culture ov me in a dime store floozie groovy groovy shore sea ocean shells bells ring out ov bat out ov hells silver bullet trains slip through the night sleek a freak a mindless neat freek aborad the shallow boat ride on a merry go round a carousel line sublime logic in a tender rymhe true crime novel film noir tale pulp fiction heroes heroins and addictions fortold the mold it broke a fire it took a shower it cleaned high light beams flare stare deep within the enchanting light fixture falls a false profit ov a million too less regress into the studio dress ov light photog taking breaking and entering and feeling without touch a light shot focus shutter big reflection in a wading pull open closed for winter spring summer open a stone rose broken fall into the ground deep within rock and sand and earth a rebirth ov cool a sin to soon a spoon fed reasion to deny my truth fold a file opening and closed case ov logic sold the mold told a tale ov hearts afire tire and withered and child a star prodigy science ingrate hesitate eye rate to hate those that oppose my flow ov showered werds upon your soul let it grow and seed and bloom anew grew into me now into yoo a new brew a new concotion ov brimming stew hot and kewl and smooth and taste me be mee know me hear me read me write me enjoy me no less then the two cents eye am but a falling star when the sunrise iz full there eye am invisible... ---^v^v^v^v^--@---)------^v^v^v^v^---

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